$2 Short To Take Over The World

That would be he name of a song in my band if I had a band and wrote songs. I can write but I don’t write many songs. I used to write prose and poetry before I had a blog and that made me very happy. A blog is like a long poetic story, this one about my life. I hope it goes on forever and I will go back and read it, living it over and over again. Each day as if it happened yesterday. A romance.



There was something disarming about his smile. I gave him my last cigarette in trade for this photo. I shouldn’t smoke anyways. It’s gross.


Tomorrow night I am seeing a band. A band I did not know, but a band I know now. They are called Blind Pilot and they are from Portland. Thank you to my friend Jonathan for being a legit hipster who knows bands ,for opening my ears to this lovely sound. They are playing the dinner at the Ford Design conference. You might like them too. I do. 

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/8qyoxYEM3mI”]





    • June 27, 2012 / 1:05 pm

      @flashpunk I think we need to get this band rolling soon. 

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