photodiary: cambridge, ontario, canada

I didn’t really take that many photos, not like I do when I’m at my house living my nomal (or not so normal) life. Spent most the time re-lax-ing.

This was my fav card I found at Walmart. Not including the musical ones.

Dad doesn’t have wifi and I didn’t bring my laptop so I only had my phone to blog/tweet/FB. Dad has a comp but he uses EXPLORER and I’m not compatible with that browser. Andy, without wifi, is just …an iPad.

Did some Chrissy shopping with a friend. This is a creepy Christmas to me: 24 gives me anxiety, Golum freaks me right out, and well, Hello Kitty is fine.

This smiley face is there every year.

Welcome to the suburbs.


This is an old shirt I used to have. I got it from this guy Luke who said he got it from a crack-head. So classy eh.

Luke, who’s your daddy?

Had a jam session with some peeps. This is Bonga’s fancy new guit.

Play a little ditty for me would ya? They have mad skillz.

Old bestie from the Bridge Miss Sara Baker. Crazy how time flies, been about two years since I last saw her.

After being in the burbs for a few days, it feel SO GOOD to be home.

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