every day is special if you make it so!

today was a full on day. scooted out to a meeting about a new project.

had lunch at this cute place called Bld on Toronto Street. like it there.

oh hai, lemme take this call while i take my own photo aka work.

walked by and say this guy remmebering. made me sad. i paused and thought about all the soldiers who have fought for our freedom and made the ultimate sacrifice, their lives.

i thought about grandad and grandpa and my family and mum and all the things that i’m grateful for. so many things. thank you for being part of my life.

this is nana and grandad and mum and my aunt & uncles. i bet grandad never thought he would be on the internet! amazing eh grandad?! love and miss you.

ok onto the next stop…

popped into  fashionably yours where i was most fabulously styled by jay strut for raymi’s 10 year anniversary party tonight at wrongbar.

so many great finds in there. it’s located at 632 queen street west west of bathurst. go there say HI to JANET and JAY for me when you do. they are lovely and nice.

oh what to wear?

i tried on some seriously lovely dresses.

it came down to the fuchsia betsy johnson or the little sequin french connection number. i look like a huge dork…i am. get used to it.

i want to walk in your shoes, yes yes i do.

one day i will have a boyfriend who can wear these shoes with style and look hot.

and the winner is…SEQUINS. kinda knew it, i love sequins so. probably all the years i spent wearing them as a young ballerina from the age of three for ten years that did it.

ok time to get ready for raymi’s party. see you on the dance floor! byeeeeeeeee!


  1. BC
    November 11, 2010 / 11:24 pm

    Jesus Christ, you look like your grandfather.

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