End Distracted Driving with #JustOneTap

End Distracted Driving with #JustOneTap

I’m not gonna to lie, I’ve texted while driving. Even worse, been stuck in traffic and taken photos. I’m sorry, it’s not ok and we are all guilty of it. I’ve made a point to put my phone out of reach or on the passenger seat. I know that if I get caught that I could get in trouble and have to attend an online traffic school or worse, get into an accident. That is something I’m sure no one wants. I know I don’t. Distracted driving is one of the main causes of accidents and if you’ve been involved in once recently you should contact an Accident claims specialist. There are plenty of lawyers out there that you can use, so you won’t struggle to find the right one for you. If you are unsure about who to use, then it might be a good idea to check out a law firm like lamber goodnow to give you a better idea of what sort of law firm you should use.


Distracted driving is a HUGE PROBLEM and a Canadian-owned, Calgary-based startup has an app for that. AppColony has developed OneTap, a brand-new, free app for Android phones ( IOS version coming soon!) designed to help end distracted driving in Canada. They surveyed Canadians and found some statistics we can’t ignore.

OneTap automatically senses when a user is driving and blocks out unnecessary distractions, while allowing you to stay connected. Even though you can just contact someone like this springfield il car accident attorney if you do get into a crash, it’s obviously better to avoid it altogether, not just to help decrease your own stress levels but also in case someone gets hurt. This tech is a brilliant potential solution to this ongoing issue.

FEATURES • Prevent distractions from calls, texts and alerts • Activate manually, or let it detect when you're driving and turn on automatically • Easily review collected alerts when you arrive at your destination • Track your driving habits and be safer behind the wheel • Keep on eye on your family's distracted driving • Send and receive urgent calls and messages-OneTap will notify you when you should pull over to receive an important message

For more information on the app visit getonetap.com, watch the video below, and download from the Google Play store here. I’ll keep you posted for when the iOS version is released.

Recently, Toronto Police used a hearse to drive home the issue of distracted driving. In the last four years, Toronto officers have laid more than 82,000 charges for offences related to distracted driving (source). THIS IS SERIOUS STUFF GUYS, PUT DOWN YOUR PHONES.

Be safe on the roads out there and please, please don’t text and drive! There’s no message, or social update more important than your life.