Day 90: Catch a New Vibe

Beautiful day today! Sean took Emily back to the city yesterday and I spent the night alone. I had a few drinks, talked loudly on the phone to my friends, sang old Alanis at the top of my lungs, danced around and changed outfits a few times. It was perfect. I was so happy to find these shorts in one of my bins, almost too big now and last summer they were SO TIGHT. Yeahhhh, my hard work is paying off!

Sean picked up a few packages that were delivered to the office and one was a beautiful surprise from Coach Carey & Hoame meditation. THANK YOU!!!!!!

It is always nice to get gifts in the mail, really appreciate small gestures more now than ever. I burned the rose wrapped sage right away, gave Sean the meditation bracelet, and added the crystal & candle to my window collection. I am here for changing the vibe we had over the last week with the storm, losing power & internet, then my website crashing.

In the afternoon we boated over for a safe distance hang with our cottage friends. It was so nice to laugh together, to yell, and have fun.

I miss hanging out with people. Since we’ve been at the cottage for so long, we haven’t really been around other humans for months.

Here’s hoping we can safely spend time with the ones we love soon. ?