Day 5/365 and We’re in Business, Baby!

What a whirlwind yesterday was whoa. I took a walk to get my nails done (manicure Monday!) and decided it was cold enough (-20 something w/ windchill) to whip out the vintage mink coat I inherited from Sean’s aunt via his mum last summer. Went well with my new YSL glasses & long read leather gloves.


This coat is heavy and insanely warm. After about 10 minutes of walking, I opened it to get some air, I was sweating! I know how people feel about fur but this thing is already made and would be sitting in a closet if not worn by me. It’s back in hanging in mine now for a special event in the dead of winter. A friend of mine loved the coat but didn’t like the fact it was mink (understandable). She got a really similar faux version from Lily Lulu Fashion. It looks great and can’t even tell it’s faux fur. A floor length mink coat really isn’t practical for a girl on the go. Chuckling to myself as I wrote this.

A few years ago I made a New Years resolution to take care of my nails. I’m not really into ‘resolutions’, I like setting goals all year but I felt this was something reasonable. Having your nails tidy and polished makes you look put together. posted yesterday that having your nails done is one way to look richer than you might be. I got this fancy shellac design to kick of the start of 2015 business. You like?


In other news, my hair is crazy right now. I can’t decide that to do with it. It’s the awkward in between stage before a bob and the colour is so faded. I’m bored with it. Looks like I’ll be rocking hat head till spring.


I ended my first day back at Tricon Films & Television in the most exciting and inspiring meeting I’ve had in a long time. 2015 is truly going to be the best year yet! Note how cool the chairs in their board room are! Him & Her designed by Fabio Novembre from Milan.

Today is another opportunity for adventure. Who knows what it will bring?! Stay warm out there if you’re in Canada, we’re in a deep freeze. Will be posting some sunspiration later today!


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