Day 31: Counting Ducks

I went outside first thing in the morning despite the fact that it was pretty cold and snowy. I was determined to do some type of exercise. After getting to the end of the road, I kept going and eventually did 3.3km.

In the afternoon I watched a movie on Netflix and did some food prep. We are having roast vegetables and steak bbq. Sean worked most the day doing calls and emails. It’s quite cold and windy, the next few days are going to be the same.

Thankful that’s my hair is growing into a nice shag but my nails look terrible. This is the longest streak I’ve gone without eating any takeout or having my nails done. It feels weird when I type because so many of my nails are super short, they don’t tap the keys anymore. I hate it but at least I have hands?

Yesterday I saw a beautiful black & white duck outside the window and today there were two. The Bufflehead is one of the rarest ducks in North America and Canada’s smallest living duck.

Tonight we’re going to finish Ozark and maybe start The Trial, a new murder show also on Netflix.

This cold weather has me feeling quite unmotivated. Each day I try to do something productive but it’s been the bare minimum the last few days. Watching the news and seeing what’s happening around the world is so sad and depressing. I keep thinking about friends & family, and their friends & family, knowing it’s hitting close to home.

Please stay safe, this will be over eventually. ?