Art Attack: arm doodle, healthy snacks & sunshine

Shortly before the holidays I got the ship tattoo I’d been wanting for ages. It’s part of a masterpiece that will eventually be a half sleeve on my right forearm. This beautiful rose the latest addition. I took this in Instagram cause it’s not as bright as it will be when it heals up nice yet but I wanted to share. Pretty eh?


I’m thinking that the feather Stephen Shaw did will look really pretty if it’s coloured in kinda like this babe I follow in Instagram. Don’t mind what she is doing. You’ve probably done it too.


Bob reminded me of the day I got my septum pierced last year. I’ve been really temped to do it again (sorry Bob and Darren too!). If I do get it, it will be a really small one that I can tuck up and hide from the world if I want to. I love when all my tattoos are hidden and then someone sees them is really surprised.

Been eating more healthy snacks around the house lately. January is eat healthy and have a clear head time for me. It can be a really downerish time for people so I’m trying to make sure I feed myself good food & thoughts.


One of the great things about our house is how bright the sun is during the day. It can be super duper cold outside but if it’s sunny you’d never know! Sometimes I feel like I’m getting a tan, if you close your eyes and imagine, you almost do. 🙂


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  1. January 5, 2012 / 9:16 pm

    sick tat and that last photo, siiiiiiiiiigh. im coming over.

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