Watch Jillea’s #MissAmericaRemix Video (Directed by Me!)

OK SO…Seeing ‘Directed by Casie Stewart & Don Allan” on this video is pretty cool! Thanks to Sean & Don (Revolver Films) for the opportunity. Was a cool experience to work my way through doing something new! All the hand lettering in the video was done by Jeff Woo.



Sean tasked me with the job of directing this and at first, I was like SURE! Then a bit of panic set in that I didn’t ‘really’ know what I was doing. Finally, his advice was just to sit down and do the work. None of us ‘really’ know what we’re doing half the time! I’ve spent enough time on set, at video shoots, and behind the scenes, plus, all the creativity I need is right in my head.

Original colour palette

I spent a few hours one Friday night working away on iPad Pro, airdropping things to my MacBook and adding them to Premiere. This step is ‘writing the directors treatment‘. Next, we met with Slate Music (label) and Jillea (artist) at Revolver Films to share the idea. They loved it! I Was really keen to use millennial pink and am so happy with how it turned out so good.

What do you think?

I look forward to more work like this, I love expanding my skills and learning as I go. I’m still working away at my iPad Letting course and am excited to put that new knowledge to work.¬†


Some Stuff I Directed for Bacardi Canada Instagram

Had a fun time directing this shoot for Bacardi Canada’s agency with 1188. We spent two days on set in a studio. one shooting the people and another shooting product. We had a cast of about 5 people, most found via casting with the addition of my sister, Brock Mclaughlin, and Garrett.

I love doing these fun shoots! Safe to say we had heaps of Bacardi left over!

Slow Motion

The shot. All turnt up. #Fuego #FuegoFace #RedRum #SpicedRum #Tabasco #BACARDI #TruePassion #party #weekends

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The shot. All turnt up. #Fuego #FuegoFace #RedRum #SpicedRum #Tabasco #BACARDI #TruePassion #party #weekends

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Continuous Pour


First time #Fuego. #FuegoFace #SpicedRum #RedRum #Tabasco #Party #FridayNights #TruePassion #BACARDI #Selfie

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The hair might not get him into the party but the BACARDI Fuego will. #BacardiHouseParty

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Did Something Neat and It’s Coming to Your Screens! #myinstaxstory

I’ve been working with 1188 a couple months now and recently directed the shoot + social campaign for my first commercial! Yay! Fuji Instax commercial will be on TV, YouTube and social. I’m pretty excited about the whole thing. I’ve always loved working behind the scenes, casting, and being in charge of things, so this is quite¬†neat!

FujiFilm Instax Commercial #myinstaxstory

I cast three amazing people in the commercial Lauren O’Nizzle, Andrew ‘Gunnarolla‘ Gunadie, and Vanessa Cesario, and the shoot¬†was shot by Becca Lemire.

It’s a bit hard to tell how cute the photos¬†are from the commercial above but they are totes adorable. We shot in Trinity Bellwoods Park and at¬†The Store on Queen. Shoutout to Hubby Angela and Wifey Vava from TSOQ for opening the store early for us!

Here’s a few snaps from the shoot!

IMG_8682 IMG_8549  IMG_8676






This Is my Life | Behind the Camera

Going into this week I was thinking it would be a pretty easy one, after last week’s crazy, I was ready for some chill time.¬†BUT, as usual, something came up! I’m grateful for opportunities that come my way and I’ve learned I really only have one speed, GO. And fast. Aside from *just* fashion week things, I’ve been tasked a new project at 1188, casting & co-directing a commercial. Last year I directed 2 commercials and I realllllly want to do more this year. I’ve always said ‘be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!“.

I’m a firm believer that thoughts become things, intentions become actions, if you channel your energy in the direction of your goals, you’ll be¬†closer to achieving them. So, here I am, wrapped casting auditions for about¬†75 ppl today. (Snap says 100 but there’s always a few no-shows!)

This is Sergio from Brunch Store Casting, he’s cast people in Say Yes To the Dress, Food Truck Face-off, Amazing Race, and more. He’s auditioned me a few times too. Today we sat at the table, behind the lens, picking people we though fit the request. V judgey. Casting people is pretty fun, I always thought it was something I’d like to do and I’ve had a few casting gigs over the last few years. It’s always a learning experience. We were looking for a couple, so a man¬†and woman¬†enter¬†the room, they’ve never met, and we get them ¬†to act out a short scene together on camera. I played the female role a few times, about 8 husbands.¬†

Looking forward to more casting and set-life adventures this year. Remember, follow your dreams and set your intentions. If you believe you can do it, you can.