It’s Thursday. It’s almost the weekend. I’m not really a lazy person but I love to laze I really do.. When I get home from work, especially in winter, I change out of my day clothes once I walk in the door, and slip into something, a little more confortable…

And when I say confortable, I mean something ACTUALLY CONFORTABLE. I have two pairs of LAZYPANTS and they are so cozy, the ‘ultimate in sweatpants technology’ for confort and style. In Toronto, you can them at Holt Renfrew, Leigh and Harlow, TNT, DEW, and they retail for $80.

I have a pair for you, one lucky man or woman.

Pick your own size and colour too, just for you.


Tweet/Link to a photo of WHY YOU NEED LAZY SUPPORT?

  • You must explain in 140 characters or less why you need some assistance with your laziness.
  • Props for creativity and using #thatslazy
  • One winner, picked FRIDAY 5PM. Pants to be sent next week.
  • Examples: Born lazy, broken leg, car in the shop, exhausted from training elephants, climbed a mountain, surfed all day
  • Must follow @thatslazy and @casiestewart on Twitter
  • Might post your image so, remember that.

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