travel diary: YYZ > BOS

Walked to the airport with my sis yesterday. Toronto is an amazing city.

Almost certain this guy is the same model from the Mark’s style thing I did last week. This ‘type’ is often used in ads. Maybe he just has ‘the look’?

Worlds shortest Ferry ride.

Jenie is starting to look more & more like you Mum.

The red plane is Air Greenland. Keri & I were certain it was some type of fancy Air Canada thinger.

If you have never flown Porter, wait for the next 30% off seat sale (I will post) and book yourself a ticket. Best service ever. Jenie wanted to buy a snack and I said “You can’t if you tried, everything is FREE”. Freemium.

I’m a barrista now too BTW.

Gella skin for my PC. He’s about to be upstaged by a new MACBOOK AIR.

FLYING! Bye Toronto, ILU.

Ha! A planking joke. Hilarious.

Welcome to the USA! Got in troubs for taking photos here. Sorry, I’m Canadiamazing.

First stop was taking my sis to Quincy Market. Her first time in Beantown.

They have your style here Raymi. Heaps of different ones too.

Do you know what is on their heads?

CONDOMS! It’s a Dick’s thing. Funny kinda I guess. Kids have them on their heads. OMG.


Beautiful weather all weekend. Heck yeah. Going in the pool after I hit publish!

This is why you’re fat. Bagels. Omg. I did not eat.

Didn’t eat this either. Feasted with eyes only.

I did eat some chowda though. Heaps good.

Tried two kinds, marked one was way better.

Team Boston: Me, E1e, Bobcat & Jenie

Had dinner in this lovely old school Italian resto. Was delish.

Went to the famed Mike’s to grab some pasty.

Mega long line.

The pedi cabs are so online. Love seeing this type of advertising.

Time to get on the vacation train. Sista has already been in the pool. The sun is calling me and I’m ready to pick up the phone. Have an awesome day 🙂

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  1. July 15, 2011 / 9:24 pm

    we want to fly to tbay next week, i flew porter last year too. make it happen pyramid scheme blogger budday 🙂 omg chowda. omg tubeflop things. omg hi.

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