Berlin Party Time

Where did I leave off? It seemed like only the beginning of Fashion Week… yesterday. This city moves so fast you gotta catch up with it. There is no time to waste, let alone sleep. The best thing is that “fashion week” is more than just fashion. It’s about the city and the style on the streets and the parties and the people. And that’s exactly what I did.

fashion week in the u-bahn

Wednesday: Attended the invite-only VICE/Rdio party where a friend was DJing…

vice party neon

something we all adore by solomun

sky lightsdj

Lots of hipsters and the usual, but good music and good friends and good drinks and good fun. Made it home just in time for the last train. Party win!

locked out! no more trains party shoes

Thursday: Skipped out on a fashion party to attend a geeky girls dinner at a restaurant in Mitte (the middle) where I chatted about the tech side of life with girls from other startups in Berlin.

Friday: Went to a sexy club called Watergate where it was the Diynamic Nacht party, a record label based in Hamburg that specializes in sexy house music. And damn, was it hot. Danced until dawn and took the tram home (Berlin’s version of the streetcar).


Saturday: Went to a tiny tiny club, Paloma Bar
Sunday: Went to mauerpark
Monday: Picked up my friend from Osaka from the train station and he cooked me some soba noodles and 豆大福
Tuesday: Went to the Berliner Philharmonie and listened to some Brahms, Tchaikovsky
Wednesday: Boiler Room. That is all.

actually in a boiler room.

Just an average week in the living of my life.

Jessica, in Berlin

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