These ladies are style inspiration for ANY AGE. Someone shared this video with me yesterday when I mentioned that 73 year old fox, Haddie. They’re all from New York and somewhere between “50 and death” as one of them says. I’m not scared of getting old at all.  Life is a journey. This year I turn thirty and I’m so ready for it! I know, you thought I was younger my my youthful charm, hold the compliments 😉

In other style news, Lauren, Julio and I are in the Globe & Mail Fashion & Beauty photos of the week (from Friday’s Motion Ball Gala). Check us out!  I love the pink in my hair more every day.

Photos were taken by Steve Blackburn from YYZ events. Here’s one he put on Facebook. First time I’ve really seen my new tattoos photographed. I can’t WAIT to add to my arm/sleeve and fill it all in.

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