Beat Winter SAD: 50 Self-care Ideas

Self-care can legit mean just about anything these days. For me, there are a lot of things I like to do and sometimes it’s as simple as putting away that pile of clothes or saying no to leaving the house. I made a list of things I like to do for myself, usually on a Sunday to prep for the week. Self-care is taking a few moments to yourself to do something for yourself, which makes you feel good and alleviate stress.

Thankfully this winter hasn’t been as brutal as last year’s super cold months where everything was covered in ice. The 2019 winter blues really got me down and I am trying to best to make this winter not seem as dark, lonely, and depressing.

It may seem like I am out on the town quite a bit but I assure you, it’s usually not for long. I love staying at home. I love hair masks, face masks, exfoliating, nice lotion, naps, cooking, and doing things inside the house.

I started this list to make 10 things but kept going and now there are 50. Most of these you can do without leaving your house of opening your wallet. I added a shoppable section at the bottom in case you want to grab any of my favorites via Amazon Prime.

If you are feeling down, do one little thing each day to bring happiness into your life. You DESERVE it. Treat yourself!

50 Selfcare Ideas

  1. Facemask
  2. Hair mask
  3. Take a hot shower/ Take a cold shower – both have benefits!
  4. Sleep in
  5. Dance – Boasty is a fav RN!
  6. Exfoliate
  7. Manicure/Pedicure at home or somewhere (I usually go to Ivy in the Junction, shellac $22!)
  8. Do a cute hairstyle (I like @Twistmepretty on IG!)
  9. Get your hair done (Sassoon is my go-to)
  10. Put fresh sheets on your bed
  11. Put away your clothes pile (Not just me who has this??)
  12. Workout with weights (gym or home)
  13. Drink more water. Chug 1L!
  14. Brush teeth with activate charcoal
  15. Vacuum
  16. Take some cute photos of yourself. You’re a babe!
  17. Burn sage (or Palo Santo!)
  18. Put on your humidifier
  19. Use a diffuser with essential oil
  20. Use lavender oil before bed
  21. Peppermint oil on the back of your neck
  22. Self-tan (My fav is St Tropez tan)
  23. Handwrite a note to someone and mail it
  24. Go for a walk
  25. Cannabis (CBD, THC, dried flower, edibles, topicals)
  26. Clean your shoes
  27. Listen to a Podcast (Heard the Papaya Podcast yet?)
  28. Sort through your clothes for ones that don’t bring you joy.
  29. Organize your junk drawer (we all have one, no?)
  30. Go for a run
  31. Draw
  32. Call someone who makes you laugh
  33. Call a family member you haven’t talked to in a bit
  34. Paint something
  35. Organize your books into a rainbow
  36. Donate items you don’t need/want anymore
  37. Look under your bed
  38. Shoot something on film (Instax or Disposable!)
  39. Load up on serums for face/neck (I LOVE Caudalíe S.O.S. Thirst Quenching Serum, Pai Rosehip BioRegerate Oil, Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair)
  40. Steam an outfit (and wear it this week)
  41. Do yoga – your body needs to stretch! (I like Yoga with Adrienne)
  42. Read a book (Check Goodreads for ideas)
  43. Sort your accessories
  44. Meditate
  45. Clean your mirrors
  46. Make a sugar scrub or coffee scrub (ex. coconut oil & coffee)
  47. Cook an elaborate Pinterest meal
  48. Roast some raw chickpeas with spices (SO GOOD!)
  49. Take a nap
  50. Put your phone on DO NOT DISTURB and do SOMETHING, ANYTHING!
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