Podcast: Coming Up in My Sneakers w/ Heather Loduka

Podcast: Coming Up in My Sneakers w/ Heather Loduka

I’m on another podcast! A couple of weeks ago I hung out with Heather Loduca and we recorded an episode of her podcast, Coming Up in My Sneakers. On each episode, Heather talks to industry leaders about their ‘come-up’ story of who they are and how they got to where they are today.

In this ep, I go right back to the beginning and share about my family, my first business, publishing, high school, and more. We laugh a few times in the first 6 minutes so I hope you enjoy it lol.

I’m not sure I’ve ever shared this much about my personal life before so if you’ve got time, hit play below or find the podcast on your favorite service here.

The podcast is available on all podcast streaming services, find your fav way to listen here.

Casie Stewart is THE original influencer. Before Instagram, before Tik Tok, Casie was blogging and connecting with brands and using unique business tactics that are completely applicable today. She started back in the 00’s when people didn’t even know what an influencer did or how it could help their company. In this episode Casie offers real advice, amazing stories from working with Much Music and Virgin Airlines and a colourful come up story that any 2020 influencer can greatly benefit from.

Heather Loduka, Host, Coming Up in My Sneakers

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