Winter Doesn’t Have to Suck: How to Make Snow Paint + Some Stuff to Watch

War Paint on Netflix = hilarious

Woke up early yesterday and made myself breakfast in bed. Spent some quality time on my computer quietly typing away and chatting with other early risers. Our roof top patio extends from the loft bedroom upstairs and the morning light is so lovely. I like making the most of a cold winter morning all cosy up in the bed reading or writing.

My Lost My Marbles laptop skin is quite a hit. The Apple cutout gives your laptop a sleek and classy look. If you wanna add some marble to your gadgets (iPhone, Android, computer, tablet, gaming system) visit They don’t offer the apple cutout on designs but if you email [email protected] with your order and request it they’ll make sure you get it. TBH this design really looks better with the cutout.

We got some pretty gnarly snow in the middle of the day. Thank goodness we have new tires on the truck. EmBot really wanted to go play outside with the snow paint so I put on the hot pink 80’s 2 piece I inherited from Sean’s mum and got ready to roll.

These exact paint things were a Christmas gift for her but making something like this to do with friends or kids is super easy. We used to do this heaps when I was little.

How to Make Snow Paint

  1. Get some type of squirt bottle ex. old shampoo, dish detergent
  2. Mix food colouring + water (careful it WILL stain your clothes)
  3. Go outside and have a blast!

Sean picked up this little snowball maker from the dollar store and it works awesome! After we coloured snowballs and drew all over the hill we went across the yard to make a snowman.

IMG_0248.JPG IMG_0249.JPG

I absolutely love playing in snow! You probably forgot how fun it is because getting all bundled up seems like a burden but it’s NOT.

The snow turned into rain mid afternoon so we packed up and went inside for hot chocolate. Next snowfall I really wanna go sledding. I’m not one for skiing and I really don’t like snowboarding but don’t mind sliding down a hill. Weeeee!

How cute s this little guy? I’m sure there’s a whole whack of things to do with them on Pinterest.


Discovered these at Loblaws and they are SO GOOD. This is your warning that you’ll eat the whole bag in one sitting.

Sweet chilli Pistachios, so yum!

Dad gave us a bunch of meats from his shop Gone Local Meats & More for Christmas so I cooked up some delicious free range chicken breasts with a ton of roast veggies.


If you’re in the KW area go check out the store in Breslau. They’ve got TONS of local meat, bread, jams, produce, and other stuff from local farms close by. Their logo is an illustration of my dad and his wife Cheryl. Cute as!

Gone Local Meats & More, local, organic, free range, produce & meats

If you’re looking for something to watch on Netflix Iliza Shlesinger is HILARIOUS. We watched her standup for the second time last night and it was just as funny. Also watched Top of Lake, a mini-series based in New Zealand from BBC. It’s a crime/drama and well worth the 5 hour binge.


Day 3/365; ate well, played in the snow, had some good laughs, and a great sleep. Day 4 is workout and de-Christmas the house. Here’s hoping the tree doesn’t make a huge mess!