On Day 2 There Were Wearables & Edibles + The #SelfieStickSpin

@casiestewart @jeniestewart #selfiestickspin

Day 2 of 2015 started and ended great. It was beautifully sunny when I got up. Made Embot some brekky and dropped her at school. With my reclaimed love for granola, stopped by to pick up a few groceries, came home made a nice brekky and got to work. Selfie stick put to use to capture the sunshine.


I have a feeling it’s only a matter time before we see “no selfie stick” signs or theres an assault with a selfie stick. They’re really intrusive and super annoying when travelling. People on phones are already a bother, add in a metal rod with a phone on it and things get a lot more hairy. I admit I’m fully part of the problem here but for the record, I am a documentarian observing culture and selfies are part of my work. 🙂

Decided I missed violet hair and tinted it again. It’s a bit brighter than I expected, it’ll fade with each wash though. This photo makes it look almost neon. I must remember this for next time.


Later in the evening I headed East to visit my sister. We went for fish n’ chips (or fush n cups as they say in NZ!) and laughed our heads off while casually watching hockey. Not because the hockey was funny but when us sisters get together we can’t help but have a hilarious time.  Yay Canada for the win.


In 2015, fashion & food come together for the latest in wearable edibles. Onion ring jewellery! Ate these right off my arm bc they were burning. And delicious.

Moderation is key when it comes to healthy eating. Nothing wrong with throwing down some greasy goodness here and there. I think there’s no real point in limiting the things I love in life. YOLO!


I was showing her my selfie stick but didn’t want to take a photo that showed the inside of her apartment so I spun around to blur the background. This was one of those aha moments of inspiration. SELFIE STICK SPIN.


This Instagram is the first ever recorded mention of #selfiestickspin on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I know this could be really annoying at festivals or any public place but it’s an absolutely hilarious and addictive thing to do at home. We changed outfits and spun around together full of laughs until we fell on the floor almost peeing our pants. Now that’s a good Friday night!

Day 2 of 2015, invented something, had lots of laughs, and spent time with someone I really love. This year is off to a great start!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.