Who Would WANT to Be NORMAL?! Not Normal FTW!

Who Would WANT to Be NORMAL?! Not Normal FTW!

NOT NORMAL! #thisismylife

I woke up to a FB notification from William Jones this morning and he said this ad make him think of me. I don’t know if it’s just because I was half alseep but when I watched this…I felt a little emotional. I’ve alwasy been ‘not normal’, had my own style, made my own path, and done things in my own way. Probably the Taurus in me and strong influence from my parents to ‘be myself’.  It’s great to be part of a world where we embrace the NON NORMAL.

NOT NORMAL is the philosophy that has guided the design of MINI for over 50 years. And it’s the same philosophy that connects the brand to people who drive MINI today. In a world where so many people are trying to fit in, MINI extends an open invitation to those who would rather stand out: http://bit.ly/11gMBY8 .

I  hope my blog inspires you to go out into the world and BE BOLD, BE YOURSELF. Think of your life as a movie, YOU are the director, you decide what scene is next and who is in it. You are the STAR!

HAPPY TIFF! Have a beautiful day!


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