Wakestock Recap in Photos – Part 2

Wha? Pubic Enememy. No way.

Flava Flav!

Time to get down.

And get UP!

I’m so badass. Scouts America shirt. Oh yeah.

Lots of crown surfing in the sunset. Less surfing internet.

We loved it. So much energy.

We were on our phones about 80% of the time. Tweeting to tell everyone how fun it was. Mobile charging stations next year for sure. Opportunity there.

After a long day it was time to be escorted back to our castle to chage for night imte fun. Party was at the curling club any everyone was going.

Except maybe these dudes.No Wakestock pork shirts allowed.

You may recognize this dude with Carly as Maestro, Canadian hip hip royalty.

This was Kevin, Parkdale dreamboat. Saw him a couple times during the day. Nice shirt hot stuff.

We didn’t stay out too late. Lauren & Raymi heaps taller than me yet adorkable 🙂

Part 3 coming with Sunday fun!!!!!!!


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