There’s No Need For Cable, LONG LIVE INTERNET TV!

OK, so yesterday we got cable and I’m pretty excited that I can PVR Young and The Restless. (Yes I still watch it. If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I have conversations about the show with a particular group every now and then! I’m homesick, watching yesterday’s show right now actually.)

Getting cable seemed SO exciting but it turned out to be disappointing. The 200 channels we were given were 200 of the crappiest most basic channels! Yes, HD is nice but we already had a few good channels with a $30 HD antenna. We could watch Jeopardy, news, and the other shows I like including NCIS, CSI, Y&R.

However, the most important thing here is, ALL THE SHOWS I LOVE ARE ON THE INTERNET. Internet TV is where it’s at!

The only reason we took the package deal was that it made Internet cheaper and faster. Clearly the most important thing to us. Can’t wait to binge House of Cards on the 27th. Last night my bf said “Let’s watch something on Netflix, and pretend we never had cable. It was better that way.” If only we had a hdmi converter back then, as there would have been a lot more shows we could have watched. Now that we consume a lot of TV shows and films online, using something like an HDMI converter does come in handy.

The cable guy also switched the HDMI cable for the Apple TV so we had to reconnect it. THANKS! Oh, and they also gave us a landline (look it up) with a new (gasp) 647 number. We don’t even own phones to plugin to it. Who needs a landline? It was 10+ years when I had one and I lived with my Mum back them.

So, I profess and claim, once again, my love for the internet. I’ll never leave you. I’ve been secretly working on something that involves the convergence of the internet and TV and I can’t wait to share it with the word. In due time my friends…