the royal wedding live on @youtube

I can’t deny for even one second how excited I am about the Royal Wedding. I know it’s cheezy and I’m not one for wedding talk but I love this. I really do. I’ve told you heaps of times how much Mum loved Diana and my middle name is ‘Diana’ after her. This wedding guys, it’s just, so MASSIVE.

MASSIVE not just in the guestlist, dress or whatever, I’m talking security and the footprint this baby is gonna make on the internet. It might explode.

The engagement was announced by on Twitter by the British Monarchy and since then the online prep for the wedding has been huge.  You can catch the big event Friday on youtube’s Royal Channel or traditional tv.

Have some fun things planned in spirit of the royal event. Wednesday is high tea at The Windsor Arms with She Does the City, O’Nizzle & Raymi will be there too. There’s only 30 people  and we’re in the tea room. Looking forward to everyones outfits. I might wear one of these vintage numbers Jenie & I rocked during Fashion Week circa 2006.

Friday morning I’m stopping by my old work at 299 Queen for The Marilyn Denis Show with my client Shelly Purdy. Shelly is giving away a diamong ring on Facebook here. Go enter to win it. She designed a beautiful collection inspired by the Royal Wedding called The Royals. A cute blonde girl you know made her beautiful website.


P.S. Lady Gaga as Queen of Twitter “I love you and love yourself.”

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  1. Raymitheminx
    April 25, 2011 / 9:27 pm

    oh man i better step it up.

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