TGIF: girls who like boys who like girls that do

I know that following the previous post with this post is……..whatever. Everyone needs a little entertainment  in their day!


Last night I had a Jersey Shore finale with with a heap of best Twitter babes and buds. Thanks to unbrelievable, irieras, CrystalGibson, LaurenBoutette, carolzara, jeniestewartkericdn for coming over. We didn’t get a photo of us all cause we were so into watching the show each other’s conversations. We decided we wanna raise money to get Snookers to come over to my place for a party. Awesome idea. Thanks jaggabombs.


Just checked Google Trends and ‘sleep talker blog’ was trending…so I obvs checked it out….seems Sleep Talkin’ Man blog went viral today. Wonder when that’s gonna happen to me, I mean go viral, I think a Paris Hilton style is a sure way. The guys wife records/publishes stuff her husband says while he sleeps.  Some are pretty funny ex “Well if I’m the douchebag, you’re the contents, Titfuck!”


Today I learned that young Swedish women are more likely to have sex with each other.  In the Sweedish study the figures for women having sex with other women were “strikingly high”. Interesting eh?


We’re planning the February edition of genyTO and it will be held on Friday the 5th which is two weeks away. Join our FB group for details. This week Erin Bury wrote about the TO Tech community coming together for Haiti at blogTO.


  1. jhoo04
    January 24, 2010 / 11:29 pm

    Ok. By far. Best. Picture. Ever.

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