lots of toes in yoga pants

I meant to post this yesterday, but forgot to hit ‘post’. Unfortunately, I was not feeling good and hated the Internet. I puked and had a nap at work.

Here we go…

This weekend, after making some delicious walnut bran muffins (naturally) I stopped in to the MTCC to check out the Yoga & Pilates conference.It was a very relaxed place to be since I had been at #pibTO and broke a world record earlier. I ran into some friends and also checked out some cool products. My favorite was the purses & accessories made from cork, which deserve their own post.Overall, it was probably much more interesting if you actually took a class. I just cruised around and listened to some musica.

This is a video of the Hare Krishna mantra. Sing along, watch it on repeat, it’s catchy, trust me. It might even take you to a higher state of consciousness. My friend & yoga teacher Jonny is in India right now, he has a blog called Yoga Bar.

Hare Krishna at the Yoga Conference from me on vims.

When the sixteen names and thirty-two syllables of the Hare Krishna mantra are loudly vibrated, Krishna dances on one’s tongue

Stava-mala-vidyabhusana-bhasya, Baladeva Vidyabhusana in Bhaktisiddhanta’s Gaudiya Kanthahara 17:30

a song for casie by improv song on demand

This deserves it’s own post. This song is lovely. It may be because it’s about me, however, it’s improv and it could be about you next time. This guy performs his puppet show all summer on Queen Street at Spadina. He rules. I love it. I hope I meet him. If you know him, please send him this post. This is Improv Song on Demand singing “A Song for Casie”. Enjoy! I sure did!

a song for casie: improv on Vimeo.

something big is coming….

I helped out with TwestivalTO in February, an event that took place at CiRCA and was part of a world wide effort to raise money for Charity Water. Toronto raised over $10,000 and we had hundreds of people out. There’s some really huge Toronto party events happening this year, I’m stoked.  Our friends at Daily Challenge are doing something awesome and when they asked for me to join their team for the event, I was all in!
The event is called Pay It Backward Day and the idea came from one of the earliest challenges for DC. It involves doing something nice and purchasing a drink for the person behind you in line (see image->). The goal is to beat Starbucks who have the current world record and get 500 people in a row to take part.

It is on Saturday, April 4th at Queen & John, Second Cup. It’s right across the street from Much Music. The New Flow 93.5 will be broadcasting live, there will be all kinds of interesting stuff going on.
I’ve never broken a world record, that I know of, and I would really like your help to do it. So come. Join in on FB. I took this pix-mix of our city on the way to work today – Toronto the GOOD!

some more unnecessary things made in to necessary art

I first posted my collection ‘Unnecessary Wheels” late last year. I have added more to the ever growing group of ‘things with unnecessary wheels‘. I took photos of a few today to share. I’m really looking forward to displaying them all together some time. Each image is made up & drawn with pastel, paint, marker etc on 60lb, 30% post-consumer acid free fiber. I use a Strathmore sketchbook from the first and only U.S. paper manufacturer to use wind generated electricity to run their paper mills. I share with you from my Unnecessary Wheels Collection – dumbbells, matchbox & motor canoe.

you make ME wanna shout and dance

I’m a big fan if any type of dance party and especially improv dance parties. Might you recall the subway dance party? I’ve seen this video along with various others from improv groups around the world. This one, a T-Mobile commercial was filmed at Liverpool Station. It’s my favorite. I’d love to take part in something like this in our wonderful city! Mum sent it to me and I thought other peeps might like to check it out also. Enjoy!

steamrolled by drunkards at steam whistle

Last night I strolled over to Steam Whistle to meet some friends. I arrived late, extremely late considering they opened at 5pm to start the party and most people were already totally wasted. It was a good time! I always have fun out, unless I lose something like my phone, ipod, camera, or dignity really.
I was pleasantly surprised to run into Tweeps Andrew Lane & Kurt Gooden. It’s rad to meet the Tweeps offline. Makes me feel nerdy and cute. I like it.
These drunky drunky dudes below did a lovely pose for moi. Ben in the middle said he blogs too which is also rad.
I was pretty happy to find a loonie as you can see. That’s like a hundred days good luck. Day #1 – right on. So far so good! Good things come to good people. Dear Kharma, Please make hundreds stick to my shoes next time.
Met the band Tiny Danza. They’re big a jazz hip hop fusion band and a big deal in Korea. They are also on Twitter.
This pic is for you Ben.