Ridiculously Happy.

Jesus, how lovely. Looks like I make people happy. Mission accomplished: be a happy person and it will be contagious. You all know that I’m a very positive young lady, thanks to The Twitter Happiness score for myself I now have confirmation.

The current Happyscore for casiestewart is: 563

“Generally, people who have followed this person on Twitter
lately will perceive this person as Ridiculously Happy.”

Hooters: I used to think about it when I was young…

and then….I tried on the outfit and it was perfect!
Don’t ya think!!

Plans tonight? Feeling Jazzy?

Doors pen at 8pm @ Alleycatz

Holiday time means….STUFF FOR YOU!

In December I am going to be giving away this lovely Givenchy Organza gift set from my friends at Givenchy. I’m in the process of setting up a contest and using my creativity to sort out the details. I’d love to know if you have any ideas!

In Givenchyʼs 2008 Holiday Collection, the Organza set comes with a 50mL spray, 75mL silky body veil and a 75mL shower gel. The gift set is available exclusively at The Bay and the suggested retail price is $ 80. What a great gift!

art is for the making

Remember when Smith Jarred dropped his pants?

How happy the audience was with the performance?
The show was moving and creatively expressive.
It was flowing with emotion and bursting with exuberance.
I felt this way recently.
I was moved. I was inspired. I wanted to dance.

I recently attended show that was graced with American Apparel and bare skin. Sex. Identity. Kettle one. Sweat. Violence. Strength. Dancers moving to elegant sounds and screaming heartfelt emotion. There was pain and love and seeds of anger. It was fierce and touching. It was poignant and personal.
The show ‘BloodLetting and Other Things’ is choreographed by Tony Chong and performed by Dancemakers and the Centre for Creation.

To introduce their exciting 2008/2009 season, Dancemakers and the Centre for Creation, host “DanceGlass” a unique launch event and fundraiser. The event will be on November 26, 2008 beginning at 7pm The Kitchen, 1186 Queen Street West.Call 416-367-1800 or email Marie for tickets or more info. Support the arts community and contemporary dance. I know you all watch DWTS and SYTYCD. This is your chance to take part in an event that supports those type of dancers.