he’s totally here, now, Obama

Just snagged these images from CBC & National Post Live Blogs. The National Post, CBC and Whitehouse are all covering Obama’s visit to Canada in live blog form. If you didn’t know already blogging is really cool. Twitter’s second highest trending topic today is #obamawa.
In the photo below U.S. President Barack Obama walks with Canadian Governor General Michaelle Jean upon his arrival at the Ottawa International Airport in Ottawa, today.
This was at thew Ottawa airport when he arrived. (CBC Live Blog)

i was at a party with obama smoking cigs

My friend had a wonderful dream and this is what happened…

You were in my dream this morning
We were at a party with Barrack Obama – but it was real casual

Him: It was at his house and we were sitting on a picnic table
omg really?
And the press rolled up and jumped out and started taking photos of us
how did I look?
It was nuts – and hyper realistic

was his wife there?
You looked great, you were wearing a strapless summer dress

No wonder I woke up feeling amazing!
And your hair was long
oh great
Michelle was not there
Just Obama – we were smoking cigarettes
Sounds like a lovely party
I’d love to smoke cigs with Obama
Ha-ha, it was so surreal
I love it
Thanks for Sharing it with me. I was glad to be there with you in my summer dress.
No problem – have a
nice day
You too

we are moving particles of matter

vintage series: written by me on may 17, 2007

“Internet stalking? Who is really stalking who?

Me sitting here on my computer. You would know by looking online that I have been ‘Facebooking’ for about the last hour or so. Chatting, writing notes, tagging friends in photos, and checking my events and sh** like that. At work, when I log on in the morning, scripts run, and documents are recorded with times, dates, locations, ISP’s, with IBM’s all over the place. I recall 1984, the classic by George Orwell. I remember the book vaguely, which I may even recite by memory. I think I read only the ‘Coles Notes’ and still have the hardcover at Mums’ house from the local public library circa 1998.

In a recent discussion, I came to the conclusion that anyone…government, organizations, the Internet, anyone could be stalking me right now. In the world I live in, I am run by the Internet and my computer. I rely on them for knowledge, weather, news, fashion, gossip, history, travel, alerts and everything else that I don’t know yet but Google does, and, I’ll tell you in a minute. I start to think further about the potential of this awareness of what I am actually doing, all the time.

The boys start talking as I come up with an idea. Imagine the government infused our blood with a specific DNA that is able to be seen and or tracked due to its scientific makeup. What a scary thought.

You could see what we are moving particles of matter.”

Year of the Ox Brings Good Luck & Obama

On the Western calendar the start of the Chinese New Year falls today and marks the The Year of the Ox. I’m wishing all my Chinese friends and readers a Happy New Year!

In my office we are having a catered buffet of Chinese food for lunch. I am absolutely starving so I’m counting down the minutes. Just looking at this picture makes my tummy rumble!!
Famous studs who are born in Ox years: Johann Sebastian Bach, Napoleon Bonaparte, Charlie Chaplin, George Clooney, Walt Disney, Anton Dvorak, Clark Gable, George Frideric Handel, Oscar De La Hoya, Richard Nixon, Barack Obama, Aishwarya Rai, Wayne Rooney, Vincent Van Gogh

bye bye bush, come to mama obama

With tomorrow being Obama’;s big day I was snooping around and found some interesting stuff. There are heaps of ‘Bye Bye Bush’ themed things buzzing around. I’ve seen a few that really were quite good. The winner is surely Ritual Spa on King West. They sent out the following clever promotion:
In order to celebrate the inauguration of the new President of the United States of America, Barack Obama , Ritual is offering 20% off all Brazilian bikini waxes on inauguration day, Tuesday January 20th 2009. So say farewell fuzz, and bye bye Bush!!

I send it to a friend and we had a good chuckle over it. Thought you might enjoy it also! I found a ‘Bye Bye Bush’ game here that was kinda fun to play for about 15 seconds. You get to throw your show at Bush. There is also a site counting down to inauguration day titled byebyebush.org. It’s ugly.

i’m bangin’ obama!

Aha!! Got you with that one. Has it gone to far with yet another ‘Obama’ product? The condoms say ‘use with good judgment’, as if he is happy to have you banging and reaching for a condom with his face on it. I wonder if the laytex itself has an Obama face on it?
The Chicago Tribune published an article saying the ‘the amount of Obama-related goods for sale is unprecedented, historians say. No president has seen so many people sell so many things so shamelessly: collectors’ coins and plates, bath towels, bobbleheads and buttons just about anything that can have an image applied to it.’ I think it’s hilarious.