holizontal more than vertical

if you’ve been reading for a while you might have seen these but if you haven’t you may like them.  i watched a few old videos today and it’s totally time for a whole new set to get made. these are two of my favorites.

i feel like having a lazy weekend with myself. the kind where you stay in your room and listen to music. eat chips in bed. fall asleep with a bottle of wine on the bed side table. draw in my sketch book.  make stuff on computer. get back to people. paint on some clothes.  maybe sew something. play dress up in my closet.  read a book. take naps.  wear the same clothes the next day and don’t even shower like a skid. watch old movies.  maybe i’ll buy annie hall finally since mum hasn’t returned it.  watching sex and the city online while i work.  makes me productive like when the tv is on at home. i got a package in the mail waiting at home. exciting.

i want to relax and play with my thoughts. i want that kinda weekend.

i find that haaaaaaaad to BAH-leeeve

hee we gow

I’m between the clouds. I’m 34,000 feet  tall. Floating, flying, soaring. The sun is setting in the sky. Sitting right here, the power went off before we left and my heart dropped as I fought my own panic button. The lights didn’t even turn on. Why is there no wi-fi on this thing?

I’m 130 miles from Washington, that’s twenty minutes.  I’m much further than that from home. I might be even further than that if I don’t make this connecting flight. I’ll have to spend the night in Washington in hotel all by myself and miss a day of work.  I missed my flight last time and I’m sure my boss would think I planned it. I watched some really cool documentary snippets.

* Looked it up

It was This American Life, Season Two, Episode 3 about Going Down in History. The kids in school talked about their lives and things then sat there to take one cheezy photo for the yearbook. That photo, the same pose they do every year represented nothing about what their life was really like at that very moment.  I liked it. It was one of those shows that was fast and creative and stays on your mind even when it’s over.

One part was about two guys who escaped from an institution using rope they made from dental floss. Very creative. I was scheduled for the middle seat but I got the aisle. I’ve been wondering if the two beside me know each other or it was just in my cards to be lucky.  I can’t tell.

The gate for my connecting flight is different than the one on my ticket .  Now, because of that, the girl said ‘you’re really close’ and looked at me happily.  I’m going to make it  now.

Ok computer, we’re almost home. Prepare for landing.

someone had to build the ceiling first

Feeling inspired today. It’s one of those days when I’m tired from working tirelessly but I have bright eyes when I think about where I’m heading. I was sitting on the couch last night and thought, man, how do I do it. So many things, so little time. The answer? You just do. You don’t sit around thinking about what you need to get done and wast time talking about it, you get off your ass and go. GO!

I did a heap of laundry last night AND cleaned my room. That’s hugely productive for a school night. I hung a heap of summer gear around the bathroom and thought it looked so pretty. I love bathing suits. We have an office picnic and I wish I could lay out in the sun wearing one since it’s prime sun time, noon -2pm. Though, NSFW (That’s ‘not safe for work  Mum). Played with my clothes and makeup for a bit, felt just like beauty school. haha

Must pack tonight as I fly out to Boston at 6am. I told my friend when booking that I was a morning person and well, that’s exactly what I got! Ask and you shall receive! haha love it. I’ll be at Tech Karaoke later in the evening to sing a few love songs to friends before I get my beauty sleep.

I don’t usually go to Bucks for coffee in the morning but I drove in with Sabrina again since I didn’t get a helmet last night. I like this thought, it probably lead to the feeling of inspiration.  Someone had to build the ceiling first.

an ottawa citizen

Was hotter than I thought riding in today. It said 16 but after biking in pants and long sleeves it felt like 36. My hair is always wet when I leave and dry when I get there. It’s a pleasure having low maintenance hair that dries a perfect mess every time.  Wore my retainer, forgot a bra.

Last week I did an interview with a reporter from CanWest about a customer experience I had with a big brand and Twitter. I first told the story on my blog earlier this year when it happened. You can read the article in the Ottawa Citizen.

She quoted me saying “It shows the power of one voice,” says Stewart, a Toronto woman who describes Twitter as having “instant-messaging with the whole world.”

I hope you have a great day.

i see you airvertising subthing?

I often find that when I have a sub it stinks up the place like smelly armpits.  I don’t really mind it much when it is my own sub, it’s less obvious.

I do quite mind when it is some others sub thing. The airvertising is not pleasing to the senses.  I still go for subs now and then, but rarely takeout.  It’s too much and my nose knows it.

the randomness post 2/18/09