the wheels are becoming more necessary

I did some work on my ‘Unnecessary Wheels“collection last night. You can see them all here. I’m beginning to think that some of my things would actually be great with wheels.No wheels on these guys. They’re for eating. Super tasty and full of life. Neon fruit, it’s hydroponic.

can i get a book please?

Today is a sunny day. I like that.
Mum sends us clothes here and there and she has great style. I pulled this guy out of the closet today and rushed out the door. One of the boys in the office said would “come by my desk to check out a book“. haha. I get it. I like this dress, it has pockets. I had to cut head off here, face was wrinkled up.

I’m loving the new neon units. They are SO VIBRANT. I feel like if I was a pastel, I would be neon, electric yellow or pink or purple…or one of those multicolored swirl ones. Yes, for sure.

the kiwi girl was in the kitchen again

Last night I made a nice dinner. I really love cooking. I don’t talk about it much because I’m not a food blogger. I hate talking about what I eat. Not fun to me so I don’t do it often. However, last night…
It was lovely. Today I went to the AGO again. I was alone and I took a very introspective view. I only looked at things I like the most and for only as long as I felt like. It is a very free feeling. I had my Moleskine and pencil, camera, the important stuff. I got a picture of one of my favorite guys, but I’m nervous to post it.

one of my favorite ones

This is a photo of one of my pieces I did with pastels. It is called ‘Strike Out in a Different Direction‘. It is full of light, energy, attraction, fire & passion. This is one of my most expensive ones because I like it the most. I think I will keep forever, unless an offer comes along I can not resist!! I’m planning on doing some painting this weekend. Looks like rain is on its way and thatinspires me to make art.

some more unnecessary things made in to necessary art

I first posted my collection ‘Unnecessary Wheels” late last year. I have added more to the ever growing group of ‘things with unnecessary wheels‘. I took photos of a few today to share. I’m really looking forward to displaying them all together some time. Each image is made up & drawn with pastel, paint, marker etc on 60lb, 30% post-consumer acid free fiber. I use a Strathmore sketchbook from the first and only U.S. paper manufacturer to use wind generated electricity to run their paper mills. I share with you from my Unnecessary Wheels Collection – dumbbells, matchbox & motor canoe.

green is my favorite colour

St. Patrick’s Day was a fun time. It’s pretty hard to screw up a night filled with everyone feeling ‘green’ and filling themselves with beer. I had green stuff all over me. The Brazen Head pub was packed so we filled up a 20 person table at a different location and started the fun.
In the spirit of ‘green’ I’d like to point out a few things. My office building is green and has an Inorganic market for electronic waste. This is a growing problem in our world and I am proud that they are on it.

This beautiful mural is my favorite shade of green. I walk past it everyday.

Someone keeps spray painting this on garbage cans and buildings around. I am a fan of creative street art and creative graffiti. This is neither. I know infowars and what it is about but seriously, this is totally unnecessary. #FAIL.