Spin around in a world of fashion, tech & glitter for one day.

First stop today was Sherway Gardens with Barbie. I got a Fousqaure “Mall Rat” badge (shame!) cause I’ve been to five malls. Ok, that’s not really bad. If you get to ten you get another badge. I’m not much of a mall-goer anymore so it’s especially exciting to do a couple laps during the holidays. Love the decorations, the tree and today I even saw Santa. Got a new hard drive to back up my Macbook Air baby, James Dean.  Technology is so stylish.

Today I fact checked something about my life from this post. It was about ten days ago but I could not for the life of me remember. New app Diptic lets me do cool things with photos like make them into the four below. This other app I downloaded is 360 Panoramic, check out this I made in the dressing room. Might just be my new fav thing (of the week).

I don’t have the option to embed the 360 but here’s a screenshot. If you click either image the real 360 pano will open in a new window and you can have a full spin around. Pretty neat app! It’s $.99 at the corner store. Nerd candy.

First outfit is what I wore today, black lace bottom dress from Bicyclette, skully cardigan from somewhere and leopard hat from H&M. At StyleExchange I got this heart sweater, leopard sheer number was too big, loved the sleeveless chiffon button down.




Got this darling holiday sweater at CTS, my fav spot, I’m Mayor on 4sq. They are now on Twitter! Follow @CTS_Queen. Posted a cool artice/vid from BBC about Toronto’s booming & competitive vintage scene. They finish with the Deadly Nightshades all girl bike gang. Pretty awesome & two things I love, bikes & vintage.


Barbie was getting all ready for a trip back to the homeland for the holidays and she was trying on all kinda of beautiful saris today. I dressed up in one before, so pretty.


When I got home the sun was setting so very beautifully on the lake.



So bright!


Meeting Shan downstairs for a beer. Haven’t seen her in ages. Making an effort for have real face time with friends this holiday season. Time is the most special gift of all.

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