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There was a really beautiful sky last night. I love the view from our place. Living near the water is something I adore. I prefer the ocean but the lake is good too.


Was recently sent a couple gift cards for Tim Horton’s so I could try out the new lattes. They were super nice to send a few extra so (I did a secret contest and) surprised a couple people with a gift. Tried the vanilla latte and it was ok. I reckon I prefer Tim’s regular coffee. So many memories as soon as I take a sip. Have you tried the Tim’s latte, what did you think?


Going to Tim’s with Dad as a kid was one of my fav things to do on the weekends. He would always read the Toronto Sun. I remember we’d always check out the Sunshine Girl which is why I think I wanted to be one. Crazy that was over ten years ago. I think I look  younger/better now.

Gimme a donut meowwww! Boston creme is my fav treat from Tim Hortons. Next week I’m heading to Boston for a visit with friends. When I arrive we’re going straight to the museum then a Rocky Horror show at night. Preeeeeeeety stoked.


Saw this painting at a meeting today. Liked it. Moooooooo.


Went to Earl’s last night with Stephen. The Financial District is such an interesting place. Everyone looks the same, sea of suits. I wore the JC Night Walk shoes, harem pants from Raymi and that lovely denim jacket from Bicyclette, with Dior lipstick. These shoes spark conversation everywhere they go. Honestly, they are really comfortable and easy to walk in. Rarrrrr!


Calculator phone usually gets a few commets too. It would be really cool if it solar charged or was a working calculator. It says ‘hello’ which is cute. I have a T-shirt with a calculator that says ‘8008135’ aka boobies on it. hehe


Check out this article on Lauren‘s new show MTV Creeps. Watch it Thursdays after Jersey Shore. You rule Lozzie Pops!


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  1. January 7, 2012 / 3:47 pm

    wear’em harem don’t scare ’em xo

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