social media week has started and i am social me.

Heard some people from Roots Canada talk about social media this morning. It was a great talk for retailers or brands who are just getting into social media.

Keri & I didn’t stay too long. I get antsy and have a hard time listening to a topic when I have so much to say about it. Tonight it’s a different story, I get to have a say.

I’m in a debate on brands & social media at the Mill Street Brewery. The event is hosted by Wikibrands a book written by my friend Sean Moffit and Mike Dover about “Reinventing Your Company in a Customer-Driven Marketplace”. They like Wordles just like me.

Who knew social media would take over in all kinds of industries around the world? It’s amazing.  I talking about love brands, social media & the people behind them. This is the second year of Social Media Week & you can see the schedule for Toronto here. This week for me is full of events & people talking about something I love, heaps of familiar faces and lots of new people.

Keri & I cruised the downtown underground this afternoon and rode the streetcar. I got a My Little Pony in my Happy Meal at McDonalds too. I’ve been eating way less maccas BTW 🙂

Did you know Toronto’s streetcar system is one of the few in North America still operating along street-running tracks and has been operating since the mid-19th century. We are a cool city.

AND, did you know that VW commercial I posted yesterday from the Super Bowl. Guess who the little kid is? Victoria & JT’s son Reed from the Young & the Restless.  You know how much I love that show. What a cute kid. Here’s a snip-it:

Ok, clock is ticking, time for me to get ready for the Wikibrands event. What does a doll wear to a mass debate? ( hehe, I am 12)

If you see me say HI. If you don’t see me there, hope you have a good night.

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