#ShitBloggersSay: coming soon to a screen near you


Good morning and welcome to 2012 work life! How was your holidays? You know how mine we’re, obvs. Had a relaxing day yesterday then went to Sammy’s to watch movies. He made dinner and left for Jamaica early this morning. Lucky bum heads to the sun on the coldest day yet. Have you been outside in Toronto today? Bundle up yo. Packed on a fur on top of my winter coat for extra warmth. Sammy has more fur coats than me, haha.



Came over to Raymi’s before my tattoo at 2pm. I’ll have have sleeve by summer I reckon. Lau, Raymi, Sarah and I invented #shitbloggerssay last night. You wait till we film that show! With over 200 million zillion blogs in the world it will surely interest a few thousand nerds like you us. I have so many days of photos and stories to blog, stay tuned for that later. A bloggers work is never done!! Have an awesome day.

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