and the photos took themselves on a journey

I’m really busy today. Meeting at lunch, meeting after work and I’m late to make a call right now. As I was riding the train last night there was no internet.I have made a time lapse video. I will add music this evening and you will see the train ride.

I wrote  this little rhyme in 2004, Mullet Man. That’s me at Niagara Falls about 20 years ago. The guy across the street from Mum’s house had a mad dirty 1988 mullet and he was fixing his van. I was inspired by him.  I knew he could do it.

Mullet man, Mullet Man
Out side the window,
Green van, blue van,
Mullet man plays out in the garage.
I look out there
Lights on, nothing wrong
Feeling strong fixin’ that van.
Mullet man,
You can, you can
Fix that van to run again.

Mullet man,you can, you can,
Run that van, you are the man.


  1. laurenonizzle
    February 21, 2010 / 5:10 am

    Run that van, you are the man.

    This poem is gold.

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