Peter Shankman at TEDx Times Square

Peter Shankman at TEDx Times Square

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I originally shared this on the Pulp & Fiber blog at work yesterday. I saw a tweet from Peter Shankman with this video from his talk at TEDx Times Square in New York last month. This 15 minutes will give you a a laugh and make you think about the importance of amazing customer service and how it relates to social media in business. He tells you how to get the audience you want by taking care of the audience you have. He’s all about creating great content and sharing things that are awesome. You can follow Peter on Twitter at @petershankman and there’s a good chance if you tweet him, he’ll tweet you back.

Peter is a broadcaster, an advistor to NASA, an Ironman, a skydiver, a social media star, and an all around great guy. I’ve been following Peter for a few years now and he is definitely someone I enjoy following and learning from. We’ve never met in person but we’re friends on Twitter and Facebook and I’d call him a friend. He wished me happy birthday this week too.


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