Movember: #MOGASM Party at The Drake Hotel on Friday

Ladies & gents! #MOgasmTO is back for the third hairy year. Some friends and I launched this at The Gladstone Hotel back in 2010. This year we’ve got a bunch of fun things planned including Mark Shannon’s Photo Booth, musical guests, Speedboats & Big Explosions AND the launch of the official MoSistasTO 2013 Calendar. Caldar was shot by Kevin Luc and styled by Alison from King & Fox.

Last year I won a nailing contest (with hammer) and lost an arm wrestle.

There are awards for best moustache, auctions, and drinks. Come out Friday to THE DRAKE HOTEL after 8pm, have a drink, get a calendar. It will be great to see you. Everybody and their MO will be there 🙂

Make a donation to me or my team HERE. The link to order a calendar will be live SOON.


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  1. Canadian_Dad
    November 14, 2012 / 8:26 am

    So awesome! I really love the calendar idea (which I will totally steal) and hope to get a yearly party going here in Ottawa. Thanks for supporting men’s health, it’s nice to have the MoSista’s on our side!

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