I’m Just Talking to Myselves

I’m Just Talking to Myselves


Day was good. Started with brunch. Got my hair done. Went for a hot tub at my old place. Took my GoPro everywhere I went. Had sushi for dinner. Spending the rest of the night at home watching movies. Still have no voice. Gonna practice being quiet as much as I can. Mum’s still away in New Zealand. Going to see Wolf of Wall Street tomorrow with friends. Dreaming of summer and vacation vacation, not work vacation but a real holiday. It’s been ages since I had one of those. I should clean the house tomorrow. Sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation y’know?  Watching The Iceman with Michael Shannon, love him. Lots of updates on tumblr and Pinterest if you’re in the mood for browsing. Hope your weekend is good. ♥


20140104-175111.jpg 20140104-175044.jpg



I’m Just Talking to Myselves

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