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If You Want Change, You Have to Be Willing to Be Uncomfortable

Pre-yoga at Solis Movement, nice space, pretty change rooms

I had such a great day yesterday! My heart is warm with kind messages from friends all over after sharing about the last year. I was kinda scared to post how it’s been hard but it was a weight I need to lift off my chest. I’m thankful to have a supportive gang around me and grateful to the internet for bringing us together.

I tried a hot yoga class at Solis Movement that included infrared heat and let me tell ya, IT WAS VERY HOT. I loved it. We were all dripping with sweat! Feeling a bit of the burn today but highly recommend checking it out. It’s located in Etobicoke and a great way to warm yourself up and get moving on a cold day.

Lori & I before our mega sweat sesh 💦

Since I’ve been going to the gym regularly, I’m starting to really love the feeling I get from it. This winter I am 100% open to trying any workout class and am *actually* making use of my gym membership.


Writing this from St. Joseph’s Health Centre Hospital in the X-ray waiting area. Hopefully, this is my last visit and I can put this injury behind me.

UPDATE: All cleared to not come back. The bone is broken but held in place by my ligaments. No need for surgery. Pretty weird but also kind of amazing? 🤷🏼‍♀️ I have often said I’m ready for a bionic arm one day because of tennis elbow in this same arm, guess now it will go up to the shoulder. Lol. Ok bye! 👋🏼

Sending love!

P.S. The title is via my burrito yesterday from Thrive Organic LOL

Inspiring burrito!


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