I quite enjoy the #ttc.

The first mother daughter were talking about ring sizes, diamonds and prices. Puke. Tie a ribbon on my finger and don’t let me go.

The second mother daughter bicker lightly about mum getting groceries and her carrying them.

It starts to get packed. Two twenty-something blondes board the trolly and she places a call, the same call I have often made. “Hi, I’m wondering if you found a babyblue cannon camera.” Shit. Hate that. I’ve had five silver and one pink since camera since Jan. 2004. I’m hard on things.

The next two are the worst, they talk loudly about a girl who slept with someone and gossip is their game. They are about uni age I reckon.  It’s innapropriate for a crowded subway and I can see people getting uncomfortable. I want so badly to pull out my camera and catch this as it happens. I don’t. I just sit back with discust, there will always be ‘gossip girls’.

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