HP Love Case Contest

HP Love Case Contest



Thank you. This was so fun. Much gratitude to everyone who entered. Having a blog is a bit of a strange thing, I’ve been publishing for years and with people not commenting much anymore, it’s nice to get feedback!

Storified by CASIE STEWART· Wed, Feb 20 2013 19:31:32

These are in no particular order and I LOVE THEM ALL.
Happy Vday @casiestewart I Chooooooose you to be mah Valentine 😀 #LOVECASE http://pic.twitter.com/Tk3ZEDk8Kim Jones
Yes, Parv. 
My Valentine for @casiestewart #lovecase http://pic.twitter.com/28nGApMEParv 🙂
I love the Vine, thanks DV!
Ahh! Finally finished my Illustrated Valentine for @casiestewart #LOVECASE Hope she loves it! http://vine.co/v/br7DrUgazAdDonna Vitan
Delicious. When am I coming over?
@casiestewart #LOVECASE http://pic.twitter.com/e4veBE8BChi
Dr. Who! Good one Hollie.
@casiestewart I love HP and well i find you rather.. #LOVECASE http://pic.twitter.com/WkADkDCVHollie Pollard
Heart on for you too KH.
@casiestewart Look what I found in the park. It’s fate. #lovecase http://pic.twitter.com/3fvVBlDfkathanley
Printed this out and now I need a new book to read. 
@casiestewart Happy Valentine’s Day and happy reading! #lovecase http://pic.twitter.com/UcGSIt9kOlivia Lasting
You know I love vintage. Thank you Saminder!
@casiestewart i am not an artist, but came up with some great vintage photos and arranged them for you. #LoveCase http://pic.twitter.com/OB2YzW0csaminder gumer
Rock on!
@casiestewart I have been working on a few Valentine’s for you. Pick which one you like. YOU ROCK!! #LoveCase http://pic.twitter.com/MpE5QlRdsaminder gumer
@casiestewart here is another one i made for you. #LoveCase http://pic.twitter.com/T3hVNwcdsaminder gumer
@casiestewart i love you!!!! be my valentine. #LoveCase http://pic.twitter.com/EIsGLc2ksaminder gumer
I used to make pop-ups alllll the time. I hope someone got this one on VDAY.
@casiestewart i #LoveCase and will you be my Valentine? http://pic.twitter.com/vNLZu3UXsaminder gumer
@casiestewart the Coup d’état of my art for the night!! #LoveCase http://pic.twitter.com/KXiEAmbPsaminder gumer
Love it.
I LOVE THIS ONE. LOVE. Chainsaw arms!
And finally, the random winner is CARLI. You are awesome too girl. 
Thank you x a million for entering. I love you for it. Sorry for my delay in posting these and a winner. Have been sick the last couple days and am on the road to recovery. Will hopefully have some more contests! I want everyone to win something 🙂 

Enjoy the day. Much love, 

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  1. February 23, 2013 / 4:36 pm

    Congrats Carli! And I hope you’re feeling better Casie, maybe all these Valentines helped. 🙂

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