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Dermalogica Little Grey Pass

Dermalogica's Little Grey Pass, Fresh Faced and Feeling Good = Products I Love

Since I went for that Dermalogica facial at the start of April I’ve been using a new toner and moisturizer. It had been ages since I’d exfoliated and the this past winter made my skin extra dry. I purchased a new medium weight moisturizer after the facial and the cover tint (light foundation) I’ve been wearing lately has SPF 20. Thought I’d take a second to say my face feels SO GREAT. It’s never been so soft and I’ve been wearing less makeup. The facial I had a was a good scrub and polish designed just for my skin type. I want to stay looking young and fresh faced forever!

I was invited to test run the Little Grey Pass program from Dermalogica and I can’t wait to see how my skin feels once I go through all six treatments. You can order your very own Little Grey Pass right here and learn about how you can score a bunch of free products by taking great care of your skin.

Another product I’ve been LOVING is Frank Coffee Scrub from Australia. This stuff is amazing for your bod. I discovered the company via Instagram and ordered the product right away based on their social media. I actually just ordered packet of the coconut/grapeseed so I have one for the cottage this summer.

While I’m on this train of things I love, I wasn’t sure how much I’d be into an electric toothbrush but I got sent the Phillips DiamondClean electric toothbrush a few months ago and IT’S AWESOME. I went back to a regular toothbrush for a weekend getaway recently and I was so happy to come home to it lol.

Looking after your teeth is so important as maintaining good oral hygience can have a positive impact on your wider health. There is nothing quite like that squeaky clean feeling after you have just brushed your teeth is there? My dentist would be proud!

Speaking of dentists, my friend who lives in California finally got her Invisalign fitted by a Dentist in Citrus Heights the other day. She has always been insecure about her teeth so hopefully, this straightening treatment will help her to get the smile of her dreams.

Have you ever thought about getting Invisalign? I am tempted to give it a try myself but to be completely honest, I need to do some more research first. As with anything health-related, it is so important to know all about the different treatment options out there, especially when it comes down to something as important as your teeth!

I reckon I’ll try to share more things I really love soon. This is all for now,



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