Day 7: Give Yourself a Break

It’s raining and I woke up feeling tired. It could be the weighted anxiety blanket we’ve all been carrying or it’s the beers. Today, I’m giving myself a break from the routine, schedule, and everything to be in my feelings. Yes, there is a BBQ behind me in these photos.

The other night I watched two movies and sat by myself at the kitchen table cutting out words from magazines. I use to love cut & paste to make art so I figured why not give it a go. It’s still kinda fun and I picked so many good words in great fonts, not sure the next steps at this point. ? The green/white thing is a digital thermometer I was sent a couple of years ago. I’ve been checking our temperatures each day. I checked Amazon for a link to it and the price is over $685 right now for a product that’s about $120. Whoa.

How do I feel? Uncertain. Unsure. Idk how to feel about all this, it’s hard to process. Today I realized there might not be anymore Young & The Restless for the first time in 40 years. I know this is a bit silly when you think about the real issue but it was like a wake-up call. I’ve been watching this show my whole life.

Looking back to the things I was thinking about this time last week, the world has drastically changed.

Last Friday was my last time at the gym, I had a lunch meeting at Drake Commissary, and walked freely around in my neighborhood. I probably should have stayed home now that I think about it.

Today I’m giving myself permission to do whatever makes me feel good. I packed a bunch of beauty products and I’m gonna use them. I might listen to a podcast or book on Audible. I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I need to relax, chill, and not give myself grief for needing a break. This has been a heavy week with emotions flying high.

In other news, I changed my blog format so the front page is full posts, so you can single page scroll, no sidebar, the way it started. Last month I posted 50 Self-care ideas, most you can do at home and with things in your house, that list is here.

This perfect avocado was a simple pleasure in my day.