Counting Down to a Pinterest Worthy Workspace

Counting Down to a Pinterest Worthy Workspace

OK, don’t mind all the crap behind me because I’m going to clean it up right now after seeing how much of a mess it is! I’ve been talking about ‘getting the home office in order’ or months and really have been so focussed on doing work I’ve neglected the space. I would just die if someone came in with a TV camera from Hoarders right now. Don’t even go there. It gives me anxiety to think about cleaning and all the crap I’ve collected, then I drown myself in the Internet and pretend it’s not there. (Update: I’ve spent another 45 minutes writing this post and not cleaning. Cue anxiety even more.)

So, I was all like AHHH I have a client Skype call. They’ve never met me before! I better get dressed! I should shower! These jogging pants, time to do laundry. AHHH! So, I put on a nice shirt, makeup, lipstick, brushed my hair, fur vest, smile. AND GUESS WHAT… it was audio only. So, selfies. (BTW did you read my 10 Tips for Better Selfies? I’m a pro!)

Note my sewing machine, new, just sitting there. I’ve promised myself for two years that I’ll use it. This year, I will. I’m actually pretty good at sewing. I’ve just not made time to sit down and make anything. (*Note to self, GET OFF THE INTERNET!)

Ok, time for me to clean this mess behind me! I’ve got two hours an hour and a half of good daylight for cleaning. In due time I shall have a beautiful, Pinterest worthy workspace.

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