Cottage Open, Spring is Finally Here! 

Cottage Open, Spring is Finally Here! 

Had a great time at the cottage this weekend. The weather was fabulous! Spent some time reading my book in the sun yesterday between yard work.  There are heaps of leaves to rake, gardening, cleaning, etc.

Check my Snapchat story HERE for videos and the wonderful sounds of nature ?

I really love cooking at the cottage. On Sunday morning I made Sean and I this delicious bacon, egg, cheese toasted sandwich with onion, garlic mayo, and tomato.  Ate them on the new deck and stared into the lake. It was only a week ago that there was snow up here and 3 weeks ago the lake was frozen. Gonna wait a bit before the first jump in, the water is VERY cold.

Fancy Sunday night dinner, Chalet Swiss, a Canadian fav! ? After a whole day of work around the cottage was too exhausted to make dinner.

Love the cottage boots. ?✔️

This is what I smell like all spring. Bugs love to bite me ?

Saw a couple sweet cars on the drive back home. Dad is building a rat rad right now in his garage. Can’t wait till its on the road. This 80s Porsche is my fav, I would love to own one someday.

I’ve got yoga over lunch w/ Ford Canada and am shooting with Telus this evening. Tonight there’s a live Q&Q w/ Frank Warren the founder of postsecret. Look for tweets about that at 8:30EST! I used to read postsecret back in the early blog days all the time. It was such a neat idea.

Here’s to a great week. It’s FINALLY spring!

Hope to get my bike on the road tomorrow. ??☀️??