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Making Memories

Over the last six months I’ve been learning how to use a my first DSLR through my partnership with Canon Canada. As one of 5 official Canon Blogtography Ambassadors I’ve learned how to take portraits, shoot a runway, properly focus, shoot in different lighting, and most importantly the beauty of photos taken with a Canon Digital SLR camera.

In our last session of 2013 we sat down for dinner at The Drake Hotel with our reps from Canon and Edelman Toronto. In effort to help us step up our photo game one more level, they hooked us each up with new printers (yes, plural!) AND gave us each a framed print of one of our own photos. It was like Oprah, “You get a printer and you get a printer!”. We all felt super touched when they revealed our gorgeous gallery style photos, printed from the exact printer we were just given. It was a magical moment (see mine in a previous post here).

Meet My new Printers

Prints from the Canon Prixma Pro-100

I was trying to print for a specific frame so they aren’t full size on the paper. Beautiful though.

Some of My Fav’s Shot w/ Canon Rebel SL1

Below are some of my fav photos taken since July 2013. They span from Toronto, to California, Thailand and back. I’m quite excited to print a bunch and frame them. We’re all so digital now, it’s easy to forget how lovely a nice framed photo is.

Huge thank you to Canon Canada and Edelman for creating this program. It’s been an awesome learning experience. We chatted about next steps and hope to expand it so YOU can learn more about taking awesome photos too. if you have any questions or comments, please share. Love to hear your feedback 🙂

Have an awesome day,


Driving in California – Super Fast GIF

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Innovation Distinguishes Between a Leader and a Follower

Innovation Distinguishes Between a Leader and a Follower


Oh hai Wednesday! I’m ready for the weekend to get here. Prepping for a shoot w/ Adiran Fiebig, an awesome photographer from UK. Saturday afternoon is EmBot’s 6th birthday which should be fun (and loud!). It’s Hello Kitty so will 100% kawaii.

OOTD: Red wool sweater H&M, leather shorts Zara, ankle boots Zara (Hong Kong, coat Banana Republic, Burberry scarf, essence lip colour, smile 🙂

20140115-113756.jpgGood morning! You coo

Also…this is the funniest thing I have seen in a WHILE.

I know it look ssssssscary but it’s just a promo for a new horror film. I don’t watch scary movies EVER so you can trust me that it’s not actually ‘that’ scary. We watched it last night and I was ROFL.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
Steve Jobs

Have a great day!



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Who’s the Weird Girl?

Oh, it’s just me. Taking selfies at my desk. Feeling happy about work. Excited about life. Loved and in love. Wearing neon in the middle of winter. Socializing all over the internet. Making media. Creeping art. Writing things. Feeling pretty good about it all.

It’s not weird to me.


Who's the weird girl? Oh, it's just me.

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Living Young and Wild and Free

Living Young and Wild and Free



Took my coat off to snap some pix and those dang birds were flocking above my head.

Added some cats as protection. You suck birds!


This is me ice dancing. It’s super slippery out there!



Oh y’know, just L-I-V-I-N.


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