I tried to pull myself away from the computer, thinking I need a damn break. I was feeling all meh. I played Sims Miami party on Nintendo DS in bed, attempted to sketch book, played with phone, paced around, tried not to snack. I found myself back at the computer again and again and that’s where I started putting out good vibes.

Do you know what happened next? THEY CAME BACK. A whole slew of good stuff happened today and it flipped my shit mood right on it’s damn stupid head. THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS PEOPLE. Like attracts like. I am so happy right now everytime I get nervous that ‘maybe I can’t do it’ or ‘how the heck is this gonna work’ I remind myself that I can and I will. I finally have the freedom to work on exactly what projects I want, with whom and when. I have dreamed of this and I will not let you down, I will not let me ME down.

I close my eyes, cover them with my hands and repeat “this is my life, this is my life“.

I got VIP tickets to Metric tonight outta the blue from my gonna-meet-tonight-first-time-new-friend from my home town.  Oh internet, I love you so. I love this song too. Playin’ on repeat.


  1. August 5, 2010 / 5:49 am


    In one of my classes last semester, we had a huge discussion about the power of positive thinking. Whether or not it's true doesn't mean much to me, but I do know that, overall, I'm a happier person when I stop with the bad vibes.

  2. August 5, 2010 / 8:28 pm

    True story: When I moved to a new city about a year and a half ago (I've since moved again), I met someone in a professional setting. When I found out what he did, I thought “Hmm.. I'd like to have his job.”

    4 months later, I had his job.

    Thoughts definitely, definitely become things.

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