fatal attraction to cuteness

Patio hang @ 99’s Patio with Raymbo last night. So good to chill just the two of us and talk shit about awesomeness and stuff. She had a brills idea to see if we could score tickets to Second City with our combined fame. I called, it worked. Two tickets – RAYMI/CASEY. Thanks manager guy!

We saw this show. It was kinda funny. I’m not that great art shows you have to keep quiet the whole time. I like to laugh and talk. I remember last time I went I got in trouble. This time, I became part of the show for yelling out ‘internet’. You’re welcome for the great material.

Couple dudes sent us drinks from across the bar. Thanks for supporting alcoholism dudes! We might be gettin’ decked out in some golf gear in the near future. Stay tuned for that hotness.

See you tomorrow. Heading for a nice walk with someone handsome. Beautiful night!


  1. Raymitheminx
    August 3, 2010 / 12:03 am

    ahh u forgot to send me that champagne pic. that bottle was 25 boners. i am a high roller. i am also high. hahaha xoxoxo. BIKE SAFELY!

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