Carnegie Hall Show at Second City

Last night a friend and I caught The National Theatre of The World’s monthly presentation of the Carnegie Hall show. It was funny. The only non-funny part was when I yelled out Carly Rae Jepson when they asked for a name but they didn’t get it.The potential for LOLs was there! They had it! I love the B&W photos of all the comedians who’ve been part of Second City over the years. John Candy was my fav, what a great Canadian.




The show is made of working comedians, MATT BARAM (Second City), CHRIS GIBBS (The British one), RONALD PEDERSON (Mad TV), and NAOMI SNIECKUS (Mr. D, Second City). They’re Canadian Comedy Award winners for Best Improv Troupe three years running. Way to go guys!


Notice my name? Let me remind you the entire world, It’s Casie not Cassie. I made a cartoon about it once, remember?

Thanks heaps for great seats. We had a fun time and lots of laughs.


I was totally into the acrobatics show in the cube. She’s performing at Torture Garden this summer too.


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