Cali Sober & The Holidays

Here’ an excerpt from a piece I wrote for Twisted Extracts about the term ‘Cali Sober‘ and the holidays. If you’re not familiar with the new-ish term, it’s essentially not drinking (or drinking less) but still using cannabis. When I learned it at the Pretty Elevated event a while back I thought ‘hey, that’s me!’.

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I shared some thoughts on how the holidays are often all about drinking and to have some other options than beer and wine at your holiday hangout. Scroll down to read a snippet or check out the whole article on here.

Side note, if you haven’t tried Twisted Extracts, I highly recommend them! I absolutely love their cara-melts or jelly bombs that come in CBD, THC, or a 1:1 combo. They’re the perfect dosage and the CBD is good quality.

Casie Stewart, cali sober, cannabis, sobriety, Twisted Extracts, legalization, weed lady,


I’m not here to define exactly what sobriety means to you, but navigating the holidays as someone who doesn’t drink can be a bit awkward. Drinking culture is such a big part of society and I think it’s time to redefine holiday hosting without all the booze.

This year, if you are hosting a holiday get together, please have other options than just beer or wine for your guests. Making a signature cocktail? Try creating a temperance cocktail or an option without alcohol. If there’s someone who isn’t drinking, be considerate of their choices, and if they don’t mention it, don’t pry with questions. We all have our own reasons for making changes, maybe they’re not drinking that night, that month, or ever again. That’s their decision to make!

If you’re attending holiday events, be respectful of where and when you are using cannabis. Check with your host to see if they have a preferred place for you to break up your bud or smoke a joint. I wrote some tips on cannabis etiquette for Twisted Extracts a little while back (see here).

More important than anything else, please be responsible and don’t drive high.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. December 11, 2019 / 11:50 am

    Great Post! I agree it can be hard to navigate the holidays especially when you do not drink

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