Hello from the Woods!

Sean and I have been up at the cottage for a couple days now. We had a pretty chill holiday time, neither of us have a big family so it’s a pretty quiet few days.

I’m treating this getaway like a year end retreat. Soaking up the silence of the outdoors, making use of the space and time inside the cottage, and finding ways to pass the time without house wifi.

The first night we both crashed around 7pm when we realized the internet/ cable has been turned off for the season. We have mobile service (thanks Telus!) but aside from that the only movies we’re watching are on VHS or DVD.

After my workout I did a meditation and listened to a great tarot reading for the end of the year. It reminded me to make the most of this time before the new year to enjoy each moment. Breathe deeply and not to rush things. So, that’s exactly what I’m doing!

Been working on my muscles and they’re starting to show! ??

I’m excited for a new year and hopefully a few new exciting things to share. Enjoy the day!

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