byMINISTRY Enlightened Dining Club

I recently attended a new kind of dinner with amazing food that was infused with cannabis (THC & CBD). The entire experience was highly curated to take us on a journey through incredible food and unique experience.

The team at byMINISTRY aims to show how cannabis can be integrated into life through food & drink, culture, and wellness. They’re taking your plant-forward lifestyle to a higher place and I am here for it.

The Experience

Sean and I arrived to be greeted with a non-infused temperance cocktail as there was no alcohol on site. Before each course, the chef (Ted Corrado) walked us through what we were about to eat and if it contained CBD or THC. It was nice to learn about the food before eating it, including how the mushrooms were foraged or fish arrived at our plates.

The first course was delicata squash with infused stracciatella (THC lemon haze), with nasturtium, honey, and a sherry vinaigrette. The second course was infused wild mushrooms (THC lbs sunset), a confit duck egg, hazelnut aioli, black garlic, and mushroom powder. I am not into mushrooms at all so this one wasn’t for me although it was a fav of some other guests.

I quite enjoyed the third course. This one was not infused, and although byMINISTRY is mostly plant-based, they served a sustainable smoked black cod with buttered leeks and caviar. Tbh, it was the best cod I have ever had.

CBD infused dessert!

The fourth course was my first time trying romanesco and it was topped with pepitas, sesame seeds, chaga mole, cashew butter, and crispy shallots.

My favourite course was dessert and it was infused with CBD (great white shark) to chill out the vibe and close out the event. Matcha white chocolate was served in a round ball containing seabuckthorn mousse and topped with matcha anglaise that melted the chocolate. It was rich and interactive.

The food was definitely high end and took your palette on a taste journey. When I got home I realized I was a bit more stoned than I initially realized but not uncomfortable or spinning out.

I zoned out reading then had an amazing sleep. It was the perfect amount of THC for the experience.

I was quoted in The Growth Op‘s piece about the dinner titled “Inside Toronto’s new cannabis supper club that’s perfect for date nights“. Read the full feature here.

“The dining series is a great way to break the ice, whether it’s a date night or if you are looking to introduce your parents to cannabis for the first time,” says Casie Stewart, a Toronto-based blogger who attended one of the dinners. I am on a path of being Cali-sober, where I am more onto cannabis than alcohol and this is an ideal plan for a night out, where you can get together with friends and rather than going to a bar, where the music is always too loud, can hang out in a fun and interactive environment.”

Casie Stewart, The Growth Op, January 24th 2020

If you are interested in attending a byMINISTRY dinner, their next event is February 27th and tickets are $160 for infused, $140 non-infused. I highly recommend the infused option! Get yours here.

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They also offer classes in cannabis gastronomy if you’re interested in cooking at home, learn more about that here.

Thank you to the byMINISTRY team for hosting a great event. I look forward to more events like this!