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Day 118: Cottage Friends for Life

The last few days have been spent cleaning the cottage top to bottom and doing odd around the place. Sean’s sister is coming up for the week with her family and we want to make sure it’s clean and ready for them to enjoy. I went over to Leslie’s place for a girl’s night in the evening and we boated around the lake a bit and hung out on the dock. It’s SO NICE to have cottage friends on the lake! This board suit has become one of my fav cottage outfits. Last summer I could hardly even fit into it! Huzzah!!!!

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Day 85: Let’s Go Back To The Cottage

Today we are heading back to the cottage. I was up early with Sean to re-shoot the project I’m working on. It went ok. Thankful for his help, it was very challenging to do it all by myself yesterday. I stopped by to see April and Nataleigh before we left. I really hope we have some HOT DAYS this week. I am ready for sun. ☀️ Sat outside and read my book by the fire before bed. Nice to be back. 💖

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Opening the Cottage 2018

Ok it wasn’t summer but it was realllllly warm in the sun. I sat out on the deck reading my book for a while and came in with a little tan line. We were walking out on the lake and have been hearing it crack all weekend. It’s very thick, we weren’t even able to cut through it with the chainsaw. The sound is like a quiet *boom* and you can feel it in your stomach or chest. We heard a loud one while we were walking so that’s a wrap on that! Lol. It’s absolutely stunning tho. Lots of neighbours were out on the lake today. Families, baby strollers, dogs. I love being up here and slowing down. There’s lots of instruments and time to do creative projects or take naps. I’ve read a lot this weekend. Sean cut down a couple trees and I kept a few pieces…

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Yes, I am Still At The Cottage

But I’m starting to get cabin fever. I’m ready to come home. It’s been about two weeks up here and mostly just Sean and I here together. I’m so looking forward to friends, events, a conference, and my good blue shampoo. (If you are blonde, you’ll understand! My hair is yellow!) I also really need a manicure. Today I screamed at a chipmunk that startled me, like a total crazy woman. I want a Starbucks. I got a couple new bug bites taking out the garbage this morning (it comes on Mondays) and I just about lost my shit. Enough damn bugs! The views are beautiful but everyone has a breaking point. Sean and I cooked a great surf & turf BBQ last night w/ aglio olio (Italian pasta). Then we had a dip in the hot tub and watched a beautiful sunset. But I’m still ready to come home.…

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Felt like we were driving through the jungle in Muskoka today. Hot, lush, green, damp. #dlws pic.twitter.com/Ricfn7givu — CASiE STEWART (@casiestewart) June 17, 2017 Happy Father’s Day to Sean and all the dads out there! You are loved.  

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Boats, BBQ, Babes! Perfect Cottage Weekend

The weather was perfect this weekend. Spent most of it at our friends cottage. Came up Saturday after a friends wedding. Last night we had the most epic meal of steak, shrimp, potatoes, salads, garlic bread. It was so good. Had some leftovers for breakfast! Feels great to spend time w/ good friends and family. ❤️ Unfortunately on Saturday night I got killed by mosquitoes and deer flies. My legs look like I’ve been on Survivor. I counted 80 bikes last night but I feel like more and more are swelling up. I’m so itchy! ?   We’re staying up an extra day so my Monday will be spend working in between breaks on the water and in the sun. We went out for a nice rip on these guys today. Very fast! This weather is amazing. Last week was kind of intense so really enjoying every bit of our…

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